Installed Jamming

Our jamming system designs for critical infrastructure are fixed installations to detect and avoid unwanted communications to and from sensitive sites like prisons, embassies, meeting rooms, parliament or cabinet halls. The systems are equipped with a detector which is analysing the signals in the area and triggers an alarm when a communication signal is detected. Our sophisticated control software indicates precisely where the communication device was detected. After a positive detection of a communication signal, the jamming systems will be automatically activated. After a predefined time, the jammer will switch off and stay in detection mode. The installation is based on a room by room principle, with a detector and a jammer combined in one device. It can be installed inside the cell with an integrated antenna in a vandal-proof housing or outside with the antenna installed in the wall.
  • Power efficiency
  • Easy system integration
  • No health concerns
  • Less disturbance of signals
  • Control by software