Drone Detection & Defence

Our drone detection and defence systems are equipped with a radar or/and an acoustic detection device as well as a fully automatic ECM unit, capable of detecting and jamming radio signals in a given perimeter within a predefined frequency spectrum. All products of our Drone Defence Systems family are designed to be modularly integrated depending on customer requirements. The main components of the drone detection and defence system are the radar and/or acoustic sensors, jammer and the mobile command & control cube (MC3), where the data is processed and visualised on a map. MC3 is also used to activate and configure the system as well as for connecting to third-party software to transmit track data.
  • Detection, localisation, mapping
  • For urban & open landscape
  • Radar detection up to 1.1 km
  • Accoustic detection up to 500 m
  • Trailer-mounted or stationary
  • Integration with cameras & MC3