Who We Are

JamS AG was founded in Switzerland and develops finished, innovative jamming solutions in line with customers’ requirements.

We provide more than 20 years of experience in the areas of jamming, security, and integral building technology. We have developed jamming solutions in our own in-house research and development department for the following sectors:

Reactive indoor and outdoor jamming ; convoy jamming; drone jamming; tactical infrastructure jamming

Our technology is fully developed, manufactured, and “Made in Switzerland.” Our name stands for the highest global standards in the sector.


Years of Jamming

  • Reactive indoor/OutdoorJamming
  • Convoy Jamming
  • Drone Jamming
  • Portable Jamming


Our drone detection and defense systems are equipped with a radar or an acoustic detection device as well as a fully automatic ECM unit capable of detecting and jamming radio signals within a given perimeter within a predefined frequency spectrum.

All products in our Drone Defense Systems family are designed to be modularly integrated depending on customer requirements. The main components of the drone detection and defense system are the radar and/or acoustic sensors, the jammer, and the mobile command and control cube (MC3), where the data is processed and visualized on a map.

MC3 is also used to activate and configure the system, as well as for connecting to third-party software to transmit track data.


Mobile jamming systems are installed in vehicles to protect a convoy against “remote controlled explosives,” unauthorized communication, and drones. Securing vehicles against remote controlled explosive devices is a special challenge. The integration of jamming systems requires good planning and reconstruction work on the vehicles.

All our vehicle-based systems are designed to match the customer’s requirements. starting with the type of car that is available in the client’s fleet up to the antenna and system design. The biggest challenge with these systems is the power supply. To have an efficient jamming system, the system’s output power needs to be high. This requires a power generator that can supply the system during operation.

JamS has developed additional alternators that can be fitted in any kind of car to ensure proper power supply. Assembly can take place in Switzerland or at the customer’s site.


JamS AG portable jamming systems are mostly used by EOD teams around the world. They are also suitable to block unwanted communications in critical areas or during sensitive meetings and operations.

With up to 6 bands per unit and a battery runtime of more than one hour, it offers full protection during critical missions. Especially for explosive device defusal, we offer different kinds of wired remote controls to start the system from a safe distance.

With our tailor-made solutions, the systems can be integrated into different robots, vehicles, suits, or any other kind of application.


Our jamming system designs for critical infrastructure are fixed installations to detect and avoid unwanted communications to and from sensitive sites like prisons, embassies, meeting rooms, the Parliament, and cabinet halls.

The systems are equipped with a detector that analyzes the signals in the area and triggers an alarm when a communication signal is detected. Our sophisticated control software indicates precisely where the communication device was detected. After a positive detection of a communication signal, the jamming systems will be automatically activated. After a predefined time, the jammer will switch off and stay in detection mode.

The installation is based on a room-by-room principle, with a detector and a jammer combined in one device. It can be installed inside the cell with an integrated antenna in a vandal-proof housing or outside with the antenna installed in the wall.


Research and development (R&D) are a crucial component of the defense industry. The rapid evolution of drone, convoy, portable and installed jamming technology means that R&D is essential to stay ahead of the latest threats and to develop new solutions that are effective in countering them.

R&D is focused on developing new technologies and improving the accuracy and reliability of our existing technology. Researchers are working on developing new methods for detecting drones and developing countermeasures. This includes the development of advanced jamming systems that can disrupt the control signals of drones and force them to land, as well as more sophisticated intercept and neutralization technologies.

R&D is also focused on developing new methods of jamming and disabling the communications and navigation systems of hostile vehicles. Researchers are working on developing new jamming technologies that can be deployed on the move, as well as more advanced systems that can automatically detect and respond to threats.
R&D is also focused on improving the integration of different systems, such as sensors and jammers, to create more effective defense solutions. This includes the development of more sophisticated software systems that can process and analyze large amounts of data in real-time, as well as the development of new hardware systems that can be easily integrated into existing defense infrastructure.

R&D is a critical component in the defense industry, and the continued development of new technologies and solutions is essential to stay ahead of emerging threats and to protect critical infrastructure and assets.

Service & Maintenance

JamS AG has developed its own components for all levels of a jamming system. Thus, we are also able to cover frequencies for which there are no highest-quality components available on the market.

The modular structure enables us to create any system precisely according to customer requirements. For us, the satisfaction and safety of our customers are most important.

For this reason, we develop long-term customer relations, provide continuous maintenance, and continuously develop our products.

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