Optimum Security Against Mobile Signal Threats.

About us

JamS AG was founded in Switzerland, and develops finished innovative jamming solutions in line with customer’s requirements.

We provide of more than 20 years experience in the area of jamming, security and integral building technology. We have developed jamming solutions in our own in-house research & development department for the following sectors:

  • Reactive jamming inside and around prisons
  • Convoy jamming for VIP transports
  • Drone jamming for sensitive buildings or infrastructures such as prisons, stadiums, open air concerts, government institutions, etc.
  • Tactical infrastructure jamming for anti-terrorism & SWAT Units, presidential guards, etc.

Our Technology is fully developed, manufactured and ‘Made in Switzerland’. Our name stands for the highest global standards in the sector.


JamS AG has developed its own components for all levels of a jamming system. Thus, we are also able to cover frequencies for which there are no highest-quality components available on the market. The modular structure enables us to create any system precisely according to customer requirements. For us, the satisfaction and safety of our customers is most important. For this reason, we develop long-term customer relations, provide continuous maintenance and continuously develop our products further.

Service and Maintenance

Permanent service and maintenance are a crucial element in the operational safety of jamming systems. As all security related devices, they always need to operate under harsh environmental conditions and to perform at 100%. That is why we are offering different service and maintenance plans for all our products, which are intended to work hand in hand with our end user training and regular maintenance schedule. During our regular visits, we can fix any broken part of the system in place.